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What are HCPCS modifiers?

In general, HCPCS modifiers provide the ways using which the physician reporting a procedure can state that a procedure or a service has been performed. But, the service has been performed with some changes based on the situation, but not changing the code or definition. HCPCS Modifiers are classified into two, and they are:

  • Level I Modifiers are descriptors and codes that are copyrighted by the Current Procedural Terminology of the American Medical Association.
  • Level II Modifiers are descriptors and codes that are maintained together by the members of the Alpha-numeric editorial panel. The members include the Blue Shield Association, the Blue Cross, the Health Insurance Association of American, and the CMS.

HCPCS Modifiers in Billing & Coding:

HCPCs Modifiers permit for achieving better accuracy in coding. This is something highly important in the process of reimbursing the money spent by an insured for medical treatment. There are many modifiers used to denote different medical procedures and treatments. The list is regularly updated, and new items are constantly added. 

Finding HCPCS Level II Modifiers becomes easier:

At MD Code Lookup, we offer the facility to search for the appropriate HCPCS Level II Modifier codes by providing the search tab, where the users can provide detail about the ailment like dressing for one wound, dressing for four wounds, etc.