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HCPCS Level II Codes relate to medical procedures. They generally encompass alpha-numeric characters. They are used by and for non-physician services like prosthetic and ambulance services. They denote non-physician services, supplies, and items that are not part of the CPT-4 codes, which are stated to be level 1 codes.

What does the code encompass?

When you get to see an HCPCS Level II Code, you will find that they will have a single letter that can be anything between letters A to V in the English alphabet. The single alphabet will be followed by a set of 4 numbers. The CMS or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services maintain the Level II codes.

Purpose of HCPCS Level II Codes:

The HCPCS Level II Coding system is a standardized and comprehensive system that categorizes similar products that are of medical nature into different sub-divisions. For every HCPCS code, you will find a description that recognizes a category of similar items. They are basically used for billing purposes. There is a division of 17 sections in HCPCS Level II Codes. Each of these sections is based on the domain of specialty like rehabilitative services, medical or laboratory services.

HCPCS D-Codes are not included here since these codes are published and managed by American Dental Association(ADA).

Easily find appropriate HCPCS Codes:

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